Born in the United Kingdom in 1971, I was a keen amateur photographer for many years whilst my main bread and butter came from working in the IT industry. In March 2006 I moved to Munich, Germany and decided to follow my dream, or at least test the water, and go… semi-professional. I still undertake some web design and system administration work because, hey, photography doesn’t pay so great you know! Even so, it has been a wonderfully liberating experience and one which some of you will probably identify with…and hopefully benefit from.

My personal photographic taste and style is always evolving, although, as you may have seen from my portfolio, I especially like classic black and white photography. When I have time, I enjoy photographing street scenes in my local neighbourhood of Schwabing, Munich.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and have recently attained their LRPS distinction.

The Royal Photographic Society
The Royal Photographic Society, founded in 1853, is the most prestigious international photographic society. It has long been recognised for the promotion and maintenance of high photographic standards around the world and has established itself worldwide through its programme of touring exhibitions, events and special interest groups.

The awarding of Distinctions is fundamental to the Societys promotion of standards of excellence, universally respected by amateur and professional photographers alike to whom RPS membership is open.

In order to gain a Distinction, a photographer has to submit a portfolio for approval by a highly qualified Panel of Fellows of the Society, or hold one of the accepted qualifications.

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